1800mm Swim Teaching Bench

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Swim school’s can be busy environments that focus on looking after parents and swimmers. Our new Swim Teaching Benches are used to seat parents keenly watching and supporting their children’s swimming and also used in the pool as smaller teaching platforms that allow swim schools to use as much pool space as possible. Perfect for using at the end of a lane against a wall. Its’ study construction gives peace of mind that it will support weight in and out of the water.

Product Design Features 

  1. Fibreglass FRP: Strong, durable and very stable.
  2. Dimensions: 500mm high, 600mm wide, 1800mm long,
  3. Customisable Handrail: is optional with a max height of 450mm, approximate weight of the product is 16kg.
  4. Sturdy design: Engineered and weight tested for up to 450kg out of the water.
  5. Wide base legs: Increasing the base of support making it as stable as possible.
  6. Thinner width: to take up smaller surface area of the pool space than our platforms, giving more space to swim.
  7. Removable handrail system: Used for stability then standing, a visual guide to separate teaching areas.
  8. Stackable design: Easily removable handrails so you can stack your benches when not in use to save storage space.
  9. Non-slip topping: Pyramid designed non-slip surface to give the optimal grip, while ensuring that the surface doesn’t harm the users.
  10. Suitable for all pools: Base of the legs have rubber feet, to prevent damage occurring to your pool or pool deck. The rubber feet also act as grip on the bottom of the pool.
  11. Large handles: Large enough to comfortably hold and prevent entrapment when in the water.


In water:

  1. Use as a safe spot to seat swimmers while your teacher corrects others.
  2. Use as a divider between classes.
  3. Use as a step to climb out of the pool with the handrail as support.

Out of water:

  1. Use as seats for parents/guardians.
  2. Use as a place to store bags off the wet ground.
  3. They can be easily moved which means cleaning is much easier.
  4. They can be moved to any location in or out of the facility for meetings or social gatherings.


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