About US

KB Swim Equip is an independent family business operating from Perth, Western Australia, founded by Bill Kirby OAM, Australian Olympic Gold Medallist and Bill’s father Bob Kirby who has international manufacturing and distribution experience.

Our products are designed by Bill Kirby, swimmer, teacher, coach and swim school operator and Bob Kirby with expertise in materials and manufacturing, Kirby Swim Equip products aim improve the performance and profitability of your swim programs and also enhance the effectiveness of program staff, coaches and the aquatic facilities we love to work in.

KB Swim Equip

products are used throughout the world and constantly tested by Bill in his own swim schools and competitive club programs. Our products dramatically enhance and improve swim teaching and training programs.

The Swimming Teacher’s Association has been successfully using the KB Swim Equip Swim Teaching Platform (STP) whilst the KB Swim Equip Turnmaster Pro is promoted at regional and national events by the British Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (BSCTA) and now feature at many of USA’s College Swimming programs.